In a time of constant access and over sharing, the aim of Situational Occupancy is a web page to explore temporal art that I’m currently in the first round of proposing grants to help fund. The objective of the page is to display one piece of artwork from an artist for a month, and then after that month the artist would be contractually obligated to refrain from displaying for an entire year.

Currently our desire is to have a the year’s collection broken down into thirds, mixing work that is local, national and international in order to elevate the work of Iowa artists to an international audience. If we are able to secure the funding to purchase these pieces we would like to display these curated items as a show at the end of each year locally as a free event for the Iowa arts community.

We would like to touch on, but won’t be limited to - Time, Identity, Advocacy, Consumerism, Spiritualism, and Minimalism.
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