The project that always seems to jump out of my portfolio is “Hello Evil”. It’s also the one that I’m most remembered for after the fact. A few years after my graduation for my \degree from Des Moines Area Community College I still get people stopping me at events asking “aren’t you the guy who had that Alex from A Clockwork Orange buttons?”
“Why, yes I am. I’m sure glad you like it. Do you have a job for me?”
Jar of Evil: I decided that the best way to market these buttons in a one-at-at-time type situation would be to display them in a turn of the century styled candy jar.
When I was young my mom explained “cartoon violence” to me, and that the things on the TV weren’t real. Not long after, my dad brought home The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I was six. Despite being too young to be watching this, when I saw Leatherface chasing down a woman wielding a Poulan 306a I didn’t see a monster, I saw the Roadrunner being chased by Wile E Coyote.

Most of my earliest memories are watching the latest installment of Nightmare on Elm Street or whatever slasher du-jour happened to be picked up a the video store with my family. Maybe that’s why I’ve always equated these basic morality plays with the childish false innocence of Fairy-tales and cartoons.

One day one of those so easy that it should have been suspicious moments happened to me, where the words “Hello Evil” popped into my head, and with it the entire concept came to me. Thanks to the help and encouragement of some friends, including my professor Micheal Blair of DMACC I ended up pursuing the idea, which won the ADAI award for best Non-Academic Project in 2014.
Detail: Tiny representations of many of the different Hello Evil "characters" were added to give it a 1970's novelty feel to the product to modernize the over all appearance of the display.
Hello Evil: Series One featuring characters from the movies The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, The Toxic Avenger, Eraserhead, Friday the 13th & It.

Hello Evil’s Modular System

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