From McSweeney’s to Tolietpaper magazine. I knew coming into this project that the landscape of publication design is both incredibly broad and niche. This isn’t anything new, as far back to the European avant-garde movements, putting an aesthetic into a physical form is first in establishing reputations.
Recently, I stumbled across a provocative combination of words, “Cultural Schizophrenia”. While I’m not comparing our cultural and design landscape to mental illness, we are living in a world where everything is coming at us all of the time. From the 24-hr news cycle to the Internet beaming everything from Citizen Kane to the Toxic Avenger into our homes, the definition between high and low culture and what’s real or not, has nearly been obliterated.
It was with this in mind that I came up with the idea for Everything’s Disposable. I wanted to bring together the mountain of my own influences, from the poetry of Rimbaud to the movies of John Waters, combining high-brow and low-brow unifying them into a uni-brow of graphic design.

Photo Credit - Douglas Wells, Art Direction - Dr. Cyndi Wiley
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